ALBUM: It's Never Too Late
TRACK #: 11     Song Title: It's Never Too Late
If you reach the point of no return
And have lost the will to try
Just reach way down inside yourself
Don't hide yourself
And here's the reason why

It's never too late to find the things you love
It's never too late for you to reach up above
And it's never too far to catch your shining star
If your hopes and dreams will last the time it takes
It's never too late

There's always time to change direction
When your lost adrift at sea
If you just believe that you won't fail
You can set the sail
And get where you want to be

CHORUS (Repeat)

To make a brand new start
You just follow your heart
And you find a way
To make it through the dark

CHORUS (Repeat)

To make real what's deep inside your mind
No matter however long the time it takes
It's never too late