ALBUM: It's Never Too Late
TRACK #: 09     Song Title: Each New Day
Used to be such a lonely world for me
Each morning I'd wake up
Had to stand up to just another day
Suddenly you came my way
That very special day
And my life was changed
From the moment that you told me you'd stay
Oh, I found out

Each new day is a lifetime
Each new day just begun
And there's never a time
I'd ever let the ties that bind us come undone

Endlessly, we live out our destiny
Each moment that flies by
I know why and where I ought to be
I never felt this way before
So happy and secure
Just knowing that we're sharing and caring
Each step of the way
It's you and me and

CHORUS (Repeat)

And loving you darling
It's the best thing I could ever do
Cause until then I'd never been
Where the sun came shining through

CHORUS (Repeat)

I knew it from the start
You'd always have my heart
Each new day