ALBUM: It's Never Too Late
TRACK #: 02     Song Title: Faith, Hope & Love
When two lovers find times getting rough
Want to throw in the towel cause they both had enough
And they think that they will never find
All the things that they shared back when love was blind
Is this another one biting the dust?
Just an obituary for the death of their lust?
What aver happened to a thing called trust?
And the will to get along?

But faith, hope and love
Help two people rise up above
All the problems life throws their way
Can be overcome if they learn to stay
With faith, hope and love
Every romance has it's share of pain
But any fallen love can rise again
With faith, hope and love

When tomorrow only seems to imply
That the romance will die
Two lovers wondering why
And they think that nature's taking away
What they knew they found on that very first day
Is this another one biting the dust?
Just a coup d'etat of things never discussed
What ever happened to alking about
What it takes to work things out

CHORUS (Repeat)

Love is not only display
(True love)
It's not a game people play
(Oh love)
It's not just fooling around
But with some faith and some hope
The lost love can be found
Love need never be biting the dust
If people work out their troubles
The way that they must
Any reason causing people despair
Can vanish into the air

CHORUS (Repeat)

Faith, hope and love
(You know I'm talking about it)
Faith, hope and love
(You know you gotta believe in)
Faith, hope and love
(You gotta give me some)
Faith, hope and most of all love